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Camellia Airways

Camellia Group has already established their presence in the aviation sector. The name of the company is Camellia Airways Pvt. Ltd. The company is running the exclusive Flying Club at Behala Aerodrome in Kolkata. It has 5 Airplanes and one Helicopter in its possession.

Prospect of Flight Chartering

In view of the open sky policy Government of India and the projected growth of Air Traffic at the rate of 20% per annum, there is a scope for the development of additional new operators. There is a need for the operation of the Non-Schedules/Charter Air Transport services to connect various destinations of transit and commercial importance, which are not connected by the scheduled operation, especially in East and North East part of India.

The base of operations will be Kolkata (Behala) and flights will be at short notice to any destinations within India. The proposed operations will promote tourism in the region .We also propose to tap the demand for Air Ambulance and emergency evacuation, which has hitherto been neglected by most of the operators.

In view of the above, we observe an excellent demand for the Non-Scheduled/Charter flights with the right type of Aircraft Service that we propose to start.

In recent surveys, it is observed that there is growth of 20% in the Air Traffic in the past two years and growth of 25% - 30% has been projected for the next two years indicating that there is a good market demand for additional Air Operators.

On recent survey of the locality, it is revealed that there are at least 50 business houses whose executives are willing to undertake chartered flights to North Bengal Districts, Haldia, Panagarh (Durgapur), Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Tripura etc.

The number of flight passengers of the commercial houses mat range from 1000-3000 per year. Moreover local business executives ranging from 4000-10000 have shown their keen interest to undertake flights on short trips.

Apart from those quite a significant number of foreigners visiting India have also shown keen interest through Five Star Hotels and Travel Agents to undertake such flights and not to speak of local aspirants.

We at Camellia Group are confident of undertaking this venture with élan and ethos to be able to produce quality qualified pilots of international standards with our modern aircraft and state of the art amenities to cater the requirements of high performance aircraft at national and international level. We do the difficult as a routine the impossible takes a bit longer.